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Who says you can't have safety, productivity and inventory management all in the same package?

CardinalASSIST® ADM Logistics provides hospital pharmacies with an automated inventory replenishment system by delivering medications in FDA approved efficient unit of measure packaging specific to each ADM. CardinalASSIST® offers intuitive reporting tools with par level recommendations based on real-time patient demand, ongoing review with an operation consultant and optimization of current automation investment.

Managing your inventory:
Replenishment based on product specific usage optimizes ADM inventory levels, thus reducing stock outs and product waste.

Ensuring patient safety at the point of care:
FDA approved efficient unit of measure packaging directly delivered to each ADM decreases touch points by over 73 percent.

Giving you more time to focus on what matters most:
Streamlined workflow enables hospital pharmacies to redirect staff time to meet growing pharmacy demands and what matters most — their patients.

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CardinalASSIST® ADM Logistics helps Baystate health achieve dramatic results:

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