Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity – adding value to the business of Cardinal Health

"Under my leadership, I will ensure that Cardinal Health continues to include diverse suppliers as part of our bidding processes, grow our base of diverse suppliers and provide mentoring and developmental assistance to help promote sustainable business models.

We believe that an inclusive business environment and a diverse supplier base foster collaboration that leads to innovative solutions, adds jobs and strengthens local economies. This also allows Cardinal Health to build long-term supplier partnerships that create maximum value for the 40,000 healthcare customers we serve."

George Barrett, Chairman and CEO, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is committed to diversity in our supplier base. We believe diversity is a differentiating strength for both our organization and our customers; therefore, it is our policy to develop and foster strategic business relationships with large and small businesses owned by ethnic minorities, women and veterans. This policy extends to Alaskan Native Corporations, Sheltered Workshops and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Our customers expect Cardinal Heath to be inclusive; in fact, our government and many of our private-sectors businesses require it. For our organization, maintaining a diverse supply base spurs competition, generates innovative thinking and facilitates the exchange of ideas that have the potential to produce value-added solutions. We look for suppliers that not only add value to our organization, but also align themselves with the same standards and values as Cardinal Health. To further reinforce our commitment to supplier diversity, we encourage our suppliers to partner with diverse suppliers in their business operations and report their resulting Tier II diverse spend back to us.


Supplier Diversity is essential to our business!

Cardinal Health is a leader in supply chain services, manufacturing and integrated solutions for healthcare. We seek diverse suppliers to incorporate into our supply chain who will add value to our strategic vision, which is to:

  • Deliver exceptional customer-driven diverse supplier solutions for Cardinal Health and our customers, meeting or exceeding expectations
  • Identify and integrate best in class diverse suppliers into our supply chain
  • Offer diverse suppliers the maximum, practicable opportunity to compete for business
  • Mentor and develop diverse suppliers for additional opportunities.
  • Support economic growth and sustainability through job creation and business expansion



Supplier Diversity – Customer Focused, Excellence Driven!