VitalPathTM Integrated Dispensing Solution

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Web-based practice management solution that effectively manages inventory, automates product replenishment, optimizes billing capture and revenue management.

The Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions VitalPathTM Integrated Dispensing Solution provides community-based practices with efficient and safe drug dispensing, while optimizing their bottom line.

With the VitalPathTM Solution, you can expect:

  • Increased patient safety
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Enhanced revenue management


Safer for your patients

VitalPathTM Integrated Dispensing Solution incorporates multiple features to help improve patient safety.

Enhanced labels improves patient safety, saves time and reduces medication errors.

  • Multiple drugs on a single label
  • Tall Man lettering to distinguish between look-alike and sound-alike drug names
  • Medications are dispensed based on patient-specific orders that are physician-approved
Simpler for healthcare professionals

VitalPathTM Integrated Dispensing Solution is designed to improve staff and practice efficiency and workflow. 

  • Cloned clinical orders, replicated by previously dispensed orders
  • Decimal point conversions reduces the need to manually perform units of measure conversions
  • Innovative screen is easy to read and simple.
  • White bag and drug study products can be stored separately from regular inventory and dispensed from the cabinet.
Stronger bottom line for your practice

VitalPathTM Integrated Dispensing Solution helps improve billing and revenue management by automatically managing supplies and pharmaceuticals, tracking inventory and calculating waste.

  • Automated ordering through Specialty Online platform
  • Auto calculates single-dose vial estimated waste
  • Monitors multi-use vials by providing the ability to put away partial multi-dose vials or calculate waste of expired or broken vials.
  • Dispense receipts allows the capture the entire history of each clinical order