“…I was able to reveal my worth as an intern and at the same time keep the mood light and entertaining.” 

Name: Tim
Hometown: Wildwood, MO
Alumni of: The Ohio State University (2009)
Degree: Bachelors - Fisher College of Business: Management Information Systems
Internship at Cardinal Health: Business Analyst, Business Intelligence (2008)
Project Analyst, EBS-PMO (2009)
Current title: Sr. Analyst, IT EMERGE


Why did you choose Cardinal Health for your internship?
I stumbled upon it on a career fair. Initially I did not know what exactly Cardinal Health was. I did some research and realized that not only was Cardinal Health a Fortune 18 company but it was also involved in healthcare in a way that effected people day in and day out. To be apart of a company that effects the lives of people that need care and that had a lot of potential for me move up and be successful made it an easy decision to apply for, and join Cardinal Health.

What has been most rewarding about your Cardinal Health experience?
The most rewarding thing is being challenged. Being able to step up and take on a difficult assignment even when there is a chance for failure leaves a good impression on my coworkers. The greater the challenges/risks, the greater the reward.

What is your current role and responsibilities?
I am an EIT project analyst inside the PMO (project management organization). I assist on the planning and development of software/infrastructure projects that are utilized by Cardinal Health day in and day out.

What skill do you think was most important in helping you during your internship?
A positive attitude is contagious. Having solid interpersonal skills allows me to effectively communicate with anyone in the company, understand what is required from me, and successfully execute my work.

What is your best internship memory?
My best internship memory was my 30 minute end of summer presentation. I presented to the CIO Patty Morrison, SVP Joe Gottron, and my team. Although an intimidating group, I was able to reveal my worth as an intern and at the same time keep the mood light and entertaining. You can’t beat a successful presentation to an executive lineup as an intern.

What is your #1 suggestion to current students looking for an internship?
Don’t settle for getting through the day. Take on new challenges and don’t shy away from an opportunity when it is presented to you.