“…I knew that an internship could be my entry to endless opportunities.”

Joel Jordan
Name: Joel
Hometown: Albany, OH
Alumni of: Ohio University (2009)
Degree: BSC: Information and Telecommunication Systems
Internship at Cardinal Health: EIT Network Service Access Team - Voice (2009)
Current title: Sr. Analyst, IT EMERGE


Why did you choose Cardinal Health for your internship?
I was looking for a real world career opportunity where I could use the knowledge that I gained from college. I also wanted to relocate after college, and Columbus stuck out to me as a great place to live and work. After reading up on Cardinal health and learning about their world class internship program and leadership development programs I knew that an internship could be my entry to endless opportunities. 

What has been most rewarding about your Cardinal Health experience?
The great friendships that I have built with some of my team members, getting a full time offer after my internship and being asked to join the first ever EIT Development Program. 

What is your current role and responsibilities?
I am currently a Senior Analyst within the IT Network. I am responsible for vendor management involving maintenance contracts, audio/video, maintenance /implementation, and IP/ISDN video conferencing implementation. I also work on EIT Network Service Budgeting and the building and maintenance of the team SharePoint site. 

What skill do you think was most important in helping you during your internship?
The skill that I think was most important is having flexibility to take on whatever was put on my plate.

What is your best internship memory?
Participating in the Mud Volleyball Tournament for the Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio with other Cardinal Health employees. 

What is your #1 suggestion to current students looking for an internship?
Know what you want, narrow your search, build a great resume, and be yourself.