“The most rewarding part is knowing that at the end of the day you are helping the healthcare industry and therefore taking care of people.”

Jackie Miltner
Name: Jackie
Hometown: Willoughby Hills, OH
Alumni of: Ohio University (2009)
Degree: Bachelors of Business Administration – Finance and Marketing, with a Certificate in Professional Sales
Internship at Cardinal Health: Retail and Alternate Care Marketing - Sales Training Team (2008)
Current title: Consultant, Territory Sales


Why did you choose Cardinal Health for your internship?
I chose Cardinal Health for my internship because of my interest in the industry and the company itself. I participated in the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University and Cardinal Health is a corporate partner. Within Ohio University Cardinal Health is well known and highly regarded.

What has been most rewarding about your Cardinal Health experience?
The most rewarding part is knowing that at the end of the day you are helping the healthcare industry and therefore taking care of people. I love that I have been able to stay at Cardinal Health through my internship and as a full-time employee. Cardinal Health really helps you focus on your career path. I remember on the second day of my internship my manager showed me a career ladder and explained to me the different paths my career could go. It’s great knowing that others are so interested in your development.

What is your current role and responsibilities?
I am currently in the Sales Development Program. Our program is a year long and is designed to train you for the Pharmacy Business Consultant role, which is the main sales consultant for Retail Independent Pharmacies. We prepare for this through field experience, self preparation, and projects with the marketing and sales training teams.

What skill do you think was most important in helping you during your internship?
The tactic that I found most helpful during my internship was to confirm your understanding of the project before you start. When you get a project make sure to ask all the questions you can and reconfirm your understanding of the project with your manager. That way you won’t waste your time doing the project only to find out later that you misunderstood the project or your superior forgot to mention something.

What is your best internship memory?
Being able to attend the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference. Normally in a corporate setting, you don’t get to see a lot of customer interaction, so it was a great experience to be a part of as an intern. The National Sales Conference, which is held in the days prior to RBC, was a great experience as well. I got the opportunity to meet sales people from across the country, network with them and learn about what they do.

What is your #1 suggestion to current students looking for an internship?
Make sure you are very prepared. When you meet a representative of a company make sure you have company knowledge, intelligent questions, and have a list of your experiences/characteristics that make you a good candidate for their company.