“The networking opportunities provided during the internship were very rewarding and are still paying off today.”

Graham Smith
Name: Graham
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Alumni of: Indiana University (2008)
Degree: Supply Chain Management, Business Process Management
Internship at Cardinal Health: Summer of 2007 in Dublin; Virtual until May 2008
Current title: Consultant (Enterprise Architecture & Platform Services), IT EMERGE


Why did you choose Cardinal Health for your internship?
It was the recruiter who inspired me to come to Cardinal Health. He was really passionate about the company and its core values. His enthusiasm made me want to get involved with the company and its movement to improve healthcare delivery.  

What has been most rewarding about your Cardinal Health experience?
The networking opportunities provided during the internship were very rewarding and are still paying off today. If you decide to take advantage of the network you get the opportunity to meet people with a wide variety of roles within the company. It was these connections that helped me learn how large Cardinal Health is and all the things we do.

What is your current role and responsibilities?
I am a Senior Business Analyst working on the HR transition program.  

What skill do you think was most important in helping you during your internship?
Patience was very important in helping me during my internship. When you first start your internship it can be quite daunting. This is especially true in IT where there is a high level of technical skill and jargon involved in each task. You have to be patient and know that your understanding will grow quickly with time.  

What is your best internship memory?
The final presentation for the EIT senior leaders was my best internship memory. Fourteen of us spoke about our summer experiences within the context of Cardinal Health’s EPPIC core values. Putting the presentation together was very challenging but the satisfaction at the end was great.  

What is your #1 suggestion to current students looking for an internship?
Do your homework on the company and study for your interview like it’s a final. Do not just focus on the financials either. Identify the core competencies of the business and learn how they differentiate themselves from competitors.