Specialty drugs will be responsible for majority drug trend increases over the next three years, accounting for more than 2/3 of drug trend.

Specialty Pharmacy

Supporting payors and clinical pathways
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Specialty Pharmacy through Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions focuses on improving patient care and clinical and financial outcomes while generating client based revenue for payors. We have specialty Centers of Excellence that provide payors end-to-end solutions to manage their medical and pharmacy specialty spend. With over 55 years of collective experience in the specialty pharmacy space, we have the experience to build customized programs to meet the needs of a payor.

We provide comprehensive support services for payors, patients and physicians for the efficient management of specialty therapies. Our clinical staff offers custom documentation, interventions and outcomes reports based on the needs of the payor for a specific patient and/or physician network.

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Our unique end-to-end solutions

  • Payor protocol support
  • Patient and physician monitoring
  • Clinical Pathways (P4 Pathways)
  • Decision support tools
  • Dispensing services


Therapies Managed


Alleviate burden

Evaluating and improving on success
We offer and monitor the P4 Pathways program to assure our clients are receiving promised services and achieving expected results. Compliance monitoring not only validates those services, but ensures providers are operating at maximum efficiency.

Monitoring includes provider compliance, overall patient participation and each program’s return on investment. We perform and deliver measurements unobtrusively – and provide additional suggestions for improvement.

Other support services include:

  • Medical billing and claims processing
  • Benefits investigation
  • Physician and patient education programs
  • Prior authorization services
  • Patient care coordination
Optimize business functions
  • Medical billing and Claims Processing: 20+ years expertise in all facets of insurance benefits
  • Outcomes Tracking: Survey tools and attrition management services
Partner on innovation

PathWare™ Technology Solution
Our PathWare™ Technology Solution provides a clinical informatics system, automates step therapy algorithms, offers just-in-time provider scripts, provides decision support trees and claims management tools for a seamless real time payor and provider workflow.