“Other products only give you nice reports about A/R issues.  eobONE® (Reimbursement Solution) gives you the tools to actually address the problems.”

eobONE® Reimbursement Solution

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Revenue cycle management (RCM)

eobONE® Reimbursement Solution

eobONE® Reimbursement Solution provides you with meaningful, actionable, revenue-focused intelligence in the form of real-time dashboards and printable reports to efficiently manage your denials and unearth recoverable lost revenue. As a practice efficiency portal, it offers powerful tools and resources you need to effectively manage and collect on your insurance claims.

“We finally have a tool to show what’s wrong, and we’ve never had that before. It’s made a significant difference for us … to be able to quantify for (the payor) how much additional work it takes to be contracted with them … has definitely helped with contract negotiations.”

Utah Cancer Specialists

Alleviate burden

Extensive real-time tools for critical business visibility

  • Clear insights into DSO drivers
  • Root cause of denials and possible trends
  • Focus on zero-paid, partial-paid and under-paid remittances


Valuable tools to better manage payor contracts

  • Benchmark what payors pay for each procedure
  • Understand a payor’s denial profile
  • Identify trends in payor mix and possible impact to bottom line


Real time dashboards provide you insight into every transaction for any time period by:

  • Payor
  • Procedure
  • Denial
  • Physician
Optimize business functions

Within two weeks of implementation, Utah Cancer Specialists began to see dramatic increases in efficiency and profitability.

  • Days outstanding in accounts receivable were cut in half: 29-32 days, down from 64 days.
  • Reimbursement denials dropped from 67 percent to 14 percent.
  • Monthly account reviews doubled.
  • Claims denials were cycled faster: From 42-56 days to 5-7 days.
  • More than $200,000 was saved in reduced personnel costs.
Partner on innovation
e-Prescribe with eobONE®  Surescript Certified
By having more comprehensive and accurate information at the time of prescribing, the practice can improve the quality of care, potentially increase adherence, and also reduce the number of call backs from the pharmacist to clarify prescription information.