Consignment program

Seconds could mean a lifetime

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Cardinal Health is meeting the challenge of instant access to urgently needed coagulation factors to serve the Hemophilia patient community.

Our onsite consignment program for acute care facilities means your hospital will always be prepared for emergencies requiring coagulation factors. When it comes to caring for your patients, don’t guess. Be prepared by having these vital medications where you need them, when you need them.


Program highlights

Every facility has different needs. That’s why we work with your hospital to provide customized options for your individual facility. From inventory levels to payment terms, we’ll ensure you always have an onsite supply of the products you need.

  • State-of-the-art RFID Cabinetry to house products onsite.
  • Don’t worry about expirations. Your product will always have good dating.
  • Product is invoiced only when inventory is reconciled, after it has been dispensed.
  • All product is sourced directly from the manufacturer for strict supply chain integrity.
  • Program inventory and assay needs are flexible.
  • With product onsite, there’s no need for emergency delivery services.
  • In-stock product means you won’t need to borrow product.
  • Our program cost is reasonable.


Four easy steps to enroll

  1. A Cardinal Health Therapeutic Plasma National Accounts representative will meet and discuss the program parameters with you.
  2. Your facility's inventory needs will be reviewed and past usage history obtained.
  3. We'll submit a program proposal for consignment inventory levels, pricing and an agreement. Procedures for account set-up, how to place orders, and the reconciliation process will be reviewed with the hospital's buyer and DOP.
  4. Your program can start as soon as the agreement is signed and inventory has been received at your hospital.

Please contact a Cardinal Health customer service representative at 866.677.4844.