Pharmacy Health Network™

Want more information?

Want more information?

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Pharmacy Health Network (PHN) is a digital signage network that provides advertisers access to millions of consumers each month at retail pharmacies nationwide. PHN reaches consumers who are loyal to their pharmacies and pharmacist, and seeking information about their health at the point-of-influence. Customized, dynamic media is delivered on flat panel LCD screens placed in strategic areas in the pharmacy, and highly measurable take-away items such as collateral, coupons, business reply cards, and samples are available in a customized brochure rack placed in close proximity to the screen.  

PHN features:

  • Compelling health and wellness stories
  • TV-style programming with a consistent network personality
  • Award-winning health content provided by NBC Digital Health Network (a division of NBC Universal) and other content contributors
  • Weather updates provided by AccuWeather™ as well as news and sports updates
  • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities available