400cc & 100C reservoirs

400cc & 100cc reservoirs

Reservoirs and Accessories

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Jackson-Pratt® Wound
Drain Overview Video

Jackson-Pratt<sup>®</sup> Wound Drain overview video
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Jackson-Pratt® 100cc and 400cc Silicone Bulb Reservoirs and Reservoir Kits

For procedural flexibility, Jackson-Pratt® 100cc and 400cc Reservoirs are available separately for use with all Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drains or in convenient kits packaged with Jackson-Pratt® Flat or Round Wound Drains.

Jackson-Pratt® Reservoirs feature:

  • Silicone walls to provide easy activation of suction
  • Internal anti-reflux valve to help prevent backflow of fluid to the patient
  • Clear reservoir and graduations that make it easy to identify and measure exudates
  • Latex-free construction
  • 100cc bulb that features a Luer lock emptying port which connects directly to either a Luer lock syringe for collection of a culture sample or to an exudate disposal bag (cat. no. SU130-5005) to provide a closed system for safe disposal of exudates
  • 400cc bulb that features dual-inlet ports to allow connection of two drains without a y-connector
  • 400cc bulb with a threaded outlet port that connects directly to an exudate disposal bag (cat. no. SU130-6005) for safe disposal of exudates


Jackson-Pratt® Accessories

Jackson-Pratt® Accessories include a bifurcated drain extension that accommodates dual drainage, a drain to non-Jackson-Pratt® Reservoir Connector, a wall suction connector with tubing to connect to a 100cc reservoir and two different exudates disposal bags that connect to the different sized reservoirs.


Stainless Steel Trocars for use with silicone drains

Our stainless steel trocars come in a variety of sizes – 7 Fr, 10 Fr, 15 Fr and 19 Fr.

100cc bulb kits Accessories Trocars
100cc bulb kits Accessories Trocars