CT drainage system

CT drainage system

Hemaduct® Cardiothoracic Drains and Multiport Connector

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Jackson-Pratt® Wound
Drain Overview Video

Jackson-Pratt<sup>®</sup> Wound Drain overview video
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The 19 Fr size of the Jackson-Pratt® brand Hemaduct® Cardiothoracic (CT) Drains and convenience of the multiport connector are ideal in situations where a smaller size and more mobile system are desired.

Use the Hemaduct® Cardiothoracic Drain and Multiport Connector for procedures such as on-pump or off-pump coronary artery bypass graft, valve replacement or repair, thoracotomy and lobectomy.

The Hemaduct® Cardiothoracic Drains feature:

  • 19 Fr along the entire length of drain and tube
  • Effective distribution of suction and fluid flow over entire drain
  • Innovative design, providing pathways around obstructions
  • Silicone material for strength and softness
  • Suture tie-down rings

The multiport connector offers:

  • Connection for up to three wound drains (with caps covering unused ports)
  • Connection of the Hemaduct® Cardiothoracic Drain(s) to standard chest drain unit reservoirs using the multiport connector
  • Clasp for securing/hanging drain
Round Hemaduct<sup>®</sup> Drain Hemaduct<sup>®</sup> drain & 400cc reservoir Cardiothoracic connector
Round Hemaduct® Drain Hemaduct® Drain & 400cc reservoir Cardiothoracic connector