eBusiness overview

Our ebusiness applications have been developed to help healthcare executives reduce purchasing and utilization costs while improving the quality of patient care. Here, decision makers can access information that bridges the gap between their own internal systems and supplier systems to reduce waste and identify potential new revenue.


Cardinalhealth.com purchasing applications provide:

  • Real-time stock status
  • Up-to-the minute pricing information
  • Real-time allocation of product from distribution centers
  • Instantaneous order confirmation
  • Proof of delivery information


Benefits include:

  • Standardized product purchase and usage across multiple facilities
  • Up to the minute pricing information
  • Assurance that orders are being placed through the most efficient method
  • Increased access to supplier service performance


Improving Quality and Reducing Costs

Cardinal Health eBusiness applications deliver integrated resources to improve quality and reduce costs. Our customers utilize them to tap into the significant financial, productivity, and quality benefits available to them throughout Cardinal Health's network of products and services.