Neonatal thermal products

Gentle Care thermal products from Cardinal Health are convenient, effective, and promote greater patient safety. Easy-to-use and activate, these single-use products are designed specifically to meet the needs of caring for the newborn. Contents are certified Food Grade and Nontoxic.

  • Infant Heel™ warmer
    The gentle warmth of the market-leading Infant Heel™ warmer helps increase the infant’s blood flow so caregivers can get a quality heel stick the first time. Just squeeze the warmer to activate and it’s ready to use. No cooling off period is required. The Infant Heel warmer reaches a safe and therapeutic temperature for these special patients. A medical grade, latex-free tape strip holds the heel warmer in place while in use (also available without tape).
  • T-Pak® warm pack
    Our single use instant warm pack is specially formulated for the gentle care of newborns. Pack reaches 104° (versus 110° for adults) for up to 45 minutes of gentle, effective warming therapy. Can be applied directly to patient’s skin or wrapped in the infant’s blanket.