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SyntracTM Integration Tools automates the things that don't need the human touch, so you can focus on those that do. Increase your efficiency with an easy-to-use interface, and indispensable features such as Web Ordering integration, alerts and reminders, patient scheduling, inventory management, health physics and many more.

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SyntracTM Integration Tools features easy-to-navigate screens that can be customized based on your workflow preferences. The application is password protected to help ensure only authorized users can access it.  
User interface The easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly navigate between the Inventory, Dayboard, Scheduling and Reports tabs throughout the day.
Patient scheduling The scheduling feature enables you to:
  • easily schedule patient visits individually or in batches.
  • use the calendar tool to manage the schedule
  • (for the HL7 integrated systems) import scheduling data from central scheduling system.
Web orders Integration with Web Ordering allows prescription orders to be placed right from the SyntracTM Integration Tools Dayboard. This feature can help ensure accuracy of your doses and patient information throughout the entire order process. And with the new mobile-optimized Web Ordering website*, you have the flexibility to track your order anywhere, anytime, right from your smart phone**.
Inventory and waste management From the Inventory screen you can receive and manage active and expired inventory, as well as quickly return waste bins. With SyntracTM Integration Tools, managing your inventory and waste is now easier than ever.

Health Physics Manage and track all regulatory compliance related activity in your nuclear medicine facility, from instrument and sources to Health Physics tests and surveys. Any past test and survey can be reviewed, printed or exported in an electronic format.
Alerts and reminders Automatic alerts and reminders inform users of scheduled/overdue tasks to help ensure timely completion and documentation. This feature can be configured to match your workflow, helping you ensure efficient planning and tracking of key tasks.
Standard reports Track efficiency and help improve decision-making in your department with more than 70 standard reports.  
Custom reports If your needs go beyond the 70+ standard reports built into the application, customized reports can be built to reflect the specific data you need. Your Product Implementation Engineer can generate a variety of customized reports, including:
  • Cancelled studies by physician
  • Patient classification reports
  • Studies done on female patients
  • Referring physician reports
  • Purchase summaries
  • Visit tracking code reports
Barcoding capability SyntracTM Integration Tools makes it easier to help ensure the right dose for the right patient. The barcode capability enables you to quickly scan inventory barcodes and match them to the right patient’s study.
Nuclear Medicine Patient Card The Nuclear Medicine Patient Card offers your patients peace of mind after they undergo studies at your facility. The personalized card provides the patient a proof source that they have recently undergone a nuclear medicine procedure should a stop occur at airports, highways or other locations.
Dosimetry report With a Dosimetry report you can keep your patients informed of the amount of radiation exposure they received during their study.
*Feature is optional.
**The mobile URL is currently optimized for iPhone® , Android® and Blackberry® TorchTM smart phones.
iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. and Blackberry Torch is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Limited.


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