Specialty drugs could make up for 40 percent of plan drug spending by 2020

Clinical Pathways

Leading to cost savings for payors
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The Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions Clinical Pathways, P4 Pathways, creates payor and provider collaborations to leverage evidence-based treatment protocols that are designed to promote the delivery of cost-effective care and better patient care. Payor, provider and patients all benefit when a clinical pathways program is successfully implemented.

We focus on designing clinical pathways programs for oncology and rheumatology practices.

We recognize that soaring healthcare costs are negatively affecting payor, providers, and patients alike. We are dedicated to working with payors to create and implement end-to-end solutions that help providers choose evidence–based and cost effective treatments for their patients.

Since 2008, P4 Pathways has generated up to 10-15 percent savings on oncology spend by demonstrating the following:

  • Reduction of treatment variability
  • Reduction in lines of therapy
  • Appropriate care, single agent in salvage
  • Appropriate care, prophylactic CSF in high risk
  • Appropriate care, appropriate emesis support
  • Appropriate use of  biologics
  • Reduced emergency room and hospital visits
  • Transition of therapy, support for end-of-life decisions


Our P4 Pathways program is the market leader:

  • More than 10 percent of U.S. oncologist are participating in the P4 Pathways program
  • We are the only program in Managed Medicaid
  • We currently manage the only clinical pathways statewide program


Alleviate burden

Pathways development
P4 Pathways manages the gap between payors and providers by establishing a steering committee of locally based academic and community oncologists and rheumatologists to ensure pathways reflect both rigorous evidence based medicine and the clinical expertise in that region.

Our strong relationship and infrastructure with the oncology community allow us to reach, educate and enroll oncology practices. Through live meetings, webinars and local sales associates, we establish open discussions between payors and providers in order to gain alignment and adoption of the P4 Pathways program.

Integrated specialty pharmacy offering
P4 Pathways has a strategic relationship with the Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions Specialty Pharmacy to provide an integrated specialty pharmacy offering. Our pharmacy’s centers of excellence are focused on improving patient care while providing an end-to-end medical and pharmacy solution.

Optimize business functions

Pay for performance models
Our P4 Pathway programs correlate cognitive services and drug reimbursement to align provider choices with best practices to facilitate behavior changes that achieve better health outcomes and lower medical cost of care.

Compliance incentives
Compliance incentives to reach quality benchmarks create a win-win-win scenario for patients, physicians and payors and lead to the most successful clinical pathways. We have experience with a variety of models and work with our partners to determine which model will optimize outcomes for their clinical pathways program.

Partner on innovation

Compliance monitoring
Our payor compliance portal allows plans to evaluate their network’s participation to P4 Pathways and quickly analyze current oncology spend and predict future costs.

PathWare™ Technology Solution
Our PathWare™ Technology Solution provides a clinical informatics system, automates step therapy algorithms, offers just-in-time provider scripts, provides decision support trees and claims management tools for a seamless real time payor and provider workflow.