Therapies for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune conditions supplanted multiple sclerosis (MS) as the top contributor to specialty trend.


Supporting community-based rheumatologists
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NORM 2012

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As the healthcare landscape continues to change, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions develops innovative tools to help rheumatology practices stay ahead. When you partner with us, we can help you do more than keep up with the changes, we can help you lead the way.

Rheumatology pharmaceutical distribution
Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution is a leading national distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals to hospitals, physicians, clinics and home healthcare providers. With decades of specialty distribution experience, we have the expertise to help you improve the quality, safety and efficiency of your practice with measurable results.

Comprehensive rheumatology portfolio:
Our comprehensive portfolio of specialty pharmaceuticals will provide you with access to competitively priced drugs.


Optimize business functions

eobONE® Reimbursement Solution is a fast, easy, and secure web-based revenue cycle management tool aimed at improving your practice’s cash flow.

InfusaTrack™ Infusion Room Management Software
Infusatrack™ Infusion Room Management Software was designed specifically for buy and bill rheumatology practices to transform infusion suite workflow. Easily track inventories, optimize chair schedules, streamline billing and more.

Treat-to-Target P4 Pathways
It’s the first ever, evidence-based clinical pathways program in rheumatology that helps deliver efficient, high-quality care through proven clinical pathways. So you can feel confident that your patients will get proven treatments and that you’ll receive fair reimbursement.

  • Helps physicians and payors work together to develop clinical protocols to improve patient care.
  • Tests different treatment options until remission is achieved.
    • Promises physicians higher reimbursement rates when pathways are followed.
    • Offers physicians access to advanced technology tools, including a touch-screen tablet to help measure CDAI and monitor patient disease progression.
    • Improves reimbursement reliability through prior authorization.