Introduction of the pathway program also directly correlated with an 11 percent reduction in emergency room visits which further translated into a substantial savings related to hospital admissions.

Clinical Pathways

Evidence-based treatment protocols
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Today, it is more important than ever for physicians to control costs to build and maintain a successful practice.

The Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions Clinical Pathways business, P4 Pathways, partners with physicians and payors to leverage evidence-based treatment protocols that are designed to promote the delivery of cost-effective and improved patient care. Clinical Pathways have the potential for better patient outcomes while reducing side effects, dosage errors and toxicities thereby minimizing potential additional medical costs. Our objective is to seek optimal patient, physician and payor outcomes.

Our P4 Pathway programs correlate cognitive services and drug reimbursement to align physician choices with best practices to facilitate treatments that achieve better health outcomes and lower medical costs. Our participating physicians have reported that P4 Pathways allows them to deliver patient care with greater efficacy, consistency and safety.


Alleviate burden

Pathways development
Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions manages the development of P4 Pathways by establishing a steering committee of locally based academic and community oncologists and rheumatologists to ensure pathways reflect both rigorous evidence-based medicine and the clinical expertise in that region.

More than 10 percent of U.S. oncologists have become engaged in our program, involving more than 17 million insured patients.


Optimize business functions

Integrated specialty pharmacy offering
Clinical Pathways provides additional benefits through Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions Specialty Pharmacy to provide an integrated offering from point of care to drug delivery.

Pay for performance modeling
Compliance incentives to reach quality benchmarks create a win-win-win scenario for patients, physicians and payors leading to the most successful clinical pathways program. We have experience with a variety of reimbursement models and work with our partners to determine which one will optimize outcomes.

Partner on innovation
Quality improvement programs
We continuously improve our P4 Pathways offering to identify current treatment behaviors, compare behaviors with evidence-based standards of care and highlight areas that need support for optimization or improvement.