Premier provider of integrated 3PL services

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Specialty Pharmaceutical Service's unique combination of people and process management, technology, and experience positions us as the premier provider of integrated third-party logistics (3PL) operations and services to the healthcare industry.

By leveraging vast purchasing power of Cardinal Health to reduce overall transportation costs, we can provide one of the most cost-effective networks in the industry-translating into savings and efficiencies for your company. Whether shipping domestic or international, we have transportation solutions to meet your needs.

Exclusive Pharmaceutical Transportation Network

Specialty Pharmaceutical Service's Exclusive Pharmaceutical Transportation Network is a pharmaceutical-only transportation network that provides quality, cost efficient, safe, and secure delivery of drugs from you to your customers.


  • Point-to-point delivery solution covering 70% of all trade volume shipped
  • Qualified temperature-controlled trailers
  • Scheduled pick-up and delivery times



  • Leverages transportation cost by consolidating manufacturer shipments
  • Reduces shortages, deductions and damages, reduces number of third party touches
  • Temperature controlled trailers to eliminate excessive packaging
  • Cold chain packaging (coolers, gel packs, etc.)
  • Leverages the contracted rates of Cardinal Health
  • Reduces need for expedited shipping expenses