Cardinal Health employee protection

Cardinal Health Business Continuity and Employee Protection Plans

Cardinal Health is serious about our responsibility to maintain service to the healthcare community no matter what the crisis. Healthcare providers depend on our products to show up on their docks so they can take care of patients.

To that end, preparing for an influenza pandemic has been incorporated into our business continuity plans. Our planning activity has revolved around identifying functions that are critical to serving our customers and the resources essential to performing these critical functions.

Cardinal Health has developed a specific plan to protect ?mission critical? employees to lessen the impact on our business and to maintain service to our customers. This includes purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) under the CDC guidelines for avian flu protection and eradication, employee education on the use of PPE, good hygiene and infection avoidance, staffing plans to manage high absenteeism, driver and carrier backup plans, and utilization of various resources across the country to facilitate customer ordering.

In addition, if an outbreak occurs, Cardinal Health will implement certain workplace considerations such as telecommuting and flexible hours.

Although no one is able to predict what might happen with the avian flu, Cardinal Health is prepared to respond appropriately to ensure the resiliency of our business against disruption to help maintain the continuity of the supply chain, so our customers can provide appropriate and uninterrupted patient care.