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Our clinical topics area contains vital information to help healthcare providers make decisions.


Available topics:

Hand care protocolInfection controlLatex allergySeasonal reactions


Research and technology supporting your decisions:

"Barrier Protection – illusion or reality?"
70 Kb - PDF
"Fooling Mother Nature"
245 Kb - PDF
"Going powder-free: managing change in a clinical environment"
64 Kb - PDF
"Measuring the Delivery of Skin Benefits"
393 Kb - PDF
"Natural rubber latex: Interpretation of protein and immunological assay test results"
192 Kb - PDF
"NHANES III: a study of latex sensitivity in the United States"
117 Kb - PDF


Note: The information provided here is for general educational purposes and is not a substitute for specific medical advice by a physician. The information, programs and policies reviewed here are for illustrative purposes only. Each health-care institution should tailor its policies, guidelines and approach to its unique circumstances, taking into account its facilities, employees and patient population.