Managing Business Operations

Cardinal Health helps retail independents streamline operations through proactive inventory management and addressing workflow issues related to staffing shortages, high labor costs, increasing prescriptions, decreasing margins and patient safety requirements.

While patient care needs to remain at the forefront of pharmacy focus, owners also need to ensure they are running their businesses effectively. Pharmacies should have effective strategies for procurement, inventory management, workflow, technology, human resources, finances and more – all of which are critical to achieving long-term success.


Order Express

Order Express provides pharmacies with an industry-leading, Web-based ordering platform designed to be easy and efficient, while meeting the growing and specific needs of independent pharmacies. By combining the capabilities and design of consumer ordering sites with an alignment to pharmacy processes, this solution offers users the most robust and streamlined ordering platform in the market.


Mobile Ordering and Inventory

Mobile Ordering and Inventory provides pharmacies the ability to reduce the amount of time ordering product and conducting a physical inventory. By providing pharmacies with a state-of-the art handheld device that is completely integrated with Order Express and, this solution quickly becomes the daily resource of choice for all types of pharmacies.


Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is a web-based solution that helps pharmacies effectively manage their largest business asset, prescription inventory. By helping pharmacies achieve a more balanced and cleaner inventory, this solution will increase cash flow, improve patient service levels and also prevent the expiration of outdated product.


First Placement

First Placement is an automatic shipment program allowing pharmacies to have immediate access to the newest national brand, Leader® Brand and Medicine Shoppe® Brand products without having to place an order


Advanced Reports (Entelligence)

Advanced Reports (Entelligence) is an information management tool that enables pharmacies to take control and effectively manage and monitor procurement strategies. With Advanced Reports, pharmacies can view 36 months of purchase history, conduct efficient purchasing data analysis and summarize purchasing detail.