Medi-Vac® suction canister systems

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Our goal is to help you stay competitive in today's healthcare environment. To that end, we offer families of products that allow you to meet the diverse needs of your facility and control the cost of doing business.

Cardinal Health offers three suction canister systems each with a variety of canister sizes, accessories and hardware to meet all of your suction collection needs.


CRD™ (Collection, Retention and Disposal)

CRD™ (Collection, Retention and Disposal)The CRD™ system is one of the most widely used suction collection systems in the industry. Designed for safety, economy and convenience, CRD™ hardware and accessories will satisfy all your fluid collection, retention and disposal requirements. Our single-use liners are easy to use. Lid includes an automatic shut-off valve to protect the central vacuum system. Hard outer canisters are reusable. Liners are available separately or in kits with nonsterile patient tubing.


Flex Advantage® liners

Flex Advantage® linersOur single-use Flex Advantage® liners are designed with safety features to provide maximum protection and ease of use during fluid collection, retention and disposal. Liners include a one-way valve built into the inner lid at the patient port to prevent backflow of fluid. The rigid outer canisters are reusable. Liners are available separately or in kits with nonsterile patient tubing.


Guardian™ suction system

Guardian™The Guardian™ suction system features disposable hard, clear plastic containers with attached lids. Special brackets and stands are available for convenient mounting configurations and mobility. An automatic shutoff valve is located inside the lid to help prevent cross contamination of regulators and wall vacuum outlets. 90° adapters allow tubing to connect at right angles to help prevent kinking and impeded fluid flow. The locking lid encourages the proper disposal of infectious liquid medical waste and enhances worker safety. Lid includes accessory and orthopedic ports.


Guardian™ LVC (large volume collection canister)

Guardian™ LVCThe Guardian™ LVC holds up to 12L of liquid in a tough, shatter-resistant hard plastic canister. With sturdy, ergonomic handle and gradations for viewing and measuring contents. Available with two sizes of roll stands for easy mobility.