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Groundbreaking medical treatments and technologies often present patient access and reimbursement challenges that delay referrals, payment and discourage prescriber use. At Health Connections, our expert facilitators specialize in dynamic solutions that expedite the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) enrollment/reimbursement process and maximize patient access to vital therapeutic products.

Our in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach enables us to successfully manage all aspects of the patient access/ REMS enrollment (as required) and care coordination/education continuum:

REMS enrollment and case review (as required): We facilitate all aspects of the REMS enrollment process. Teams facilitate prescriber and patient enrollment via secure web, fax or mail submission and take extreme care to ensure the integrity of the program channel per established manufacturer REMS guidelines.

Benefits investigation: We perform a thorough search to provide comprehensive benefits assessments for each case. When products require it, we look into payment avenues in both the medical and pharmacy benefits area. Detailed status reporting for all patient benefits available helps streamline access to therapy and mitigate channel delays.

Prior authorization: Our approach involves detailed follow-up with all necessary parties facilitating the process defined by payer directives.

Appeals Facilitation: Health Connections appeals expertise can simplify the appeals education process and can identify information gaps for patients and prescribers. Utilization of well-researched and documented educational techniques and appeals facilitation has made our track record one of unparalleled success in the appeals process. Appeals facilitation is an area of proven success especially for smaller manufacturers where every prescription makes a distinct difference in program launch success.

>Patient assistance qualification assistance: Our years of hands-on experience, streamlined qualification technology and extensive industry knowledge translate into frequent success in providing alternative financial support for uninsured patients and those for whom reimbursement has been denied.

Reporting, fulfillment and outcomes solutions: Currently available to manufacturers are a myriad of customized reporting and case facilitation solutions. Health Connections offers real-time and periodic reporting via detailed and role-based reports. Physicians, management and key stakeholders can receive integrated reports tailored to their unique needs. Customized outcomes data survey solutions are also available supporting REMS, care initiatives or post marketing surveillance.