Flat Hemaduct<sup>®</sup> Drain

Flat Hemaduct® Drain

Hemaduct® Wound Drains

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Jackson-Pratt® Wound
Drain Overview Video

Jackson-Pratt<sup>®</sup> Wound Drain overview video
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The Jackson-Pratt® brand Hemaduct® Wound Drain is uniquely designed with a system of multiple ducts (channels) and lumens that are interconnected through a series of internal portals.

This advanced design offers the following advantages:

  • Provides more effective distribution of suction and fluid flow over the entire drain
  • Improves collateral drainage by providing alternate pathways around obstructions
  • Minimizes aspiration of delicate tissue and clot infiltration with narrow ducts and recessed portals
  • Lessens patient discomfort during drain removal by helping prevent tissue ingrowth
  • Hemaduct® Drains are made of soft silicone and are available in round and flat styles, with or without a trocar