The ProtexisTM Advantage

  • Powder-free for wearer and patient protection
  • Polyisoprene (PI), neoprene and natural rubber latex1,2 options
  • Double-gloving systems with blue underglove, in PI and latex, to quickly flag barrier breaches
  • Exclusive hand mold designed with an independent thumb for an anatomical fit and more natural hand movement and an interlocking beaded cuff for reduced roll-down
  • Designed and manufactured by Cardinal Health


Lonna D.IL

My hands have massaged my twin nephews since birth. This loving touch not only reduced their muscle strains, lumps, and torticollis, but allowed them better sleep and created a physical bond between us.

Barb F.OH

Playing the piano and the accordion which makes you want to sing.

Diane S.IL

The most incredible things I do with my hands are to create amazing dining experiences..

Jean B.NJ

My hands are a gift that have cared for patients from the beginning of life to the end of life. I have assisted with delivering babies to caring for patients at the end of life. My hands are a gift that have provided care and comfort to my best kennel of Siberian Huskies.

Dawn T.OH

I must go visit my 96 year-old grandmother everytime I go home. She is in a nursing home suffering from dementia. She may not know my name and that I am 1 of 30 grandkids but she knows me. During my visit I use my hands and with my favorite lotion Eucerin I give her hands, arms, legs and thighs a good massage. I always say "night, night" before I start because this always puts her to sleep.

Susan F.VA

I use my hands to hold precious little babies to help them feel extra love from God!

Marilyn W.AZ

I can make the most incredible apple pie for the holidays. It is the ‘home’ in ‘home for the holidays’.

Arlene M. AZ

My hands lovingly held my mother's very warm hands. She was dying from Alzheimer's disease She did not know me, but I knew she knew me on another level. I told I loved her and that is was okay to leave this world. Of course, I told her MANY other things, but I never let go of her hands until I left her in the Alzheimer's unit.

She died peacefully the very next day - 8/23/2012.

Catriona T.VA

My hands have changed diapers, given pats and hugs, wiped away tears and tied beautiful braids in my daughters hair. They have closed my Mother's dying eyes. They have held anothers hand as they sit in sadness and in joy. My hands have made crafts and picked up sea glass and shells. They have built sandcastles and tree forts, they have picked driftwood from the treasures on the beach. They tell my story with the wrinkles and scars of a lifetime of living.

Carol D.OH

I use my hands to greet others, to greet patients.
I use my hands to shake the hands of others.
I use my hands to hold the hands of others.
I use my hands to circulate & to scrub!
I use my hands to feel.
I use my hands to pet animals. Meow! Ruff Ruff!
I use my hands to put on gloves.
I use my hands for the non-verbals!!
I use my hands to display my bling!!
I use my hands to clap, to show appreciation!
I use my hands to create.
I use my hands to touch/heal.
I use my hands to pray. I use my hands to bless myself.
I use my hands to start IVs, the lines of life!
I use my hands to do my ADLs, to cook, clean, wash, launder, drive, shop, garden, fish, sports, love, touch, care, text, compute, telephone, facebook, twitter, paint, draw, you name it.
I use my hands to eat, drink & be merry!!
I use my hands to conduct.
I use my hands to garden which explains the green thumbs!!
I use my hands for just about everything, hands.......priceless!!
Give yourself a hand!!
From one hand to another!!
Time is priceless because even the clocks have hands!!
I use my hands to wave.
I use my hands to salute. ( a military member, a fallen hero)
I use my hands to wave the flag.
I use my hands to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Let me have a show of hands.
I use my hands to send a Hallmark Moment!!
To the moon Alice!

Bridget M.NY

My hands helped to administer CPR to a male client who was then able to celebrate his milestone 50th wedding anniversary with his wife.
My hands were able to hold and bond with my new niece Brooke in a labor and delivery unit on the day she was born.
My hands were able to give comfort to a patient who was dying. She was all alone I held her hand and gave comfort as she took her last breath and then existed this world.
My hands were able to pass instruments to the surgeon in the operating room, so a life could be saved.

Stella N.MN

The intricacy of the human hand is a miracle. My hands are broad with short fingers, a gift from my Dad. My hands have allowed me to assist babies into this world & held the hands of the dying, including those of my father. They have done needlework that has gone as far as Canada, Norway, & South Africa, & sutured surgical incisions. They have expressed love in many ways, what I see as the most important work of human hands.

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Ambulatory care / Surgery centers

Hospitals / Acute care centers

1 Contains 50 micrograms or less of total extractable protein per square decimeter, tested in accordance with ASTM D 5712
2 Caution: Safe use of these gloves by or on latex-sensitized individuals has not been established

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