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Exam Gloves and Surgical Gloves: Protecting the hands that heal

To protect yourself and your patients, you trust your knowledge, your skills and your tools.  At Cardinal Health, we share that trust.  That's why we are proud to offer both medical exam gloves and surgical gloves.  Latex, synthetic, powdered or powder-free, our exam and surgical gloves surpass industry quality and performance standards because patient and practitioner safety is our top priority.

All of our glove offerings are produced with the same elevated standards of quality and service that customers have come to rely on from Cardinal Health.  When you feel confident in the product you are using, you can better focus on effectively caring for what matters most – your patients.



Exam Gloves and Surgical Gloves: Protecting the hands that heal Learn more
Exam gloves

Exam gloves

A wide variety of innovative and trusted gloves, whose reliability and durability go the extra distance for your everyday examination needs. Learn more
Surgical gloves

Surgical gloves

The Cardinal Health surgical glove portfolio combines materials with state-of-the-art technologies to provide complete protection – beyond the physical barrier expected from a surgical glove. Learn more


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