Perineal cold packs offer the new mom the kind of therapy she wants – maximum comfort and protection with minimal nursing intervention. The maternity family includes products that are used to reduce pain and swelling associated with an episiotomy and/or vaginal delivery. The all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional supplies, offering superior cost efficiency. Made of soft material, our perineal packs provide safe, controlled and effective thermal therapy and increased absorbency. Select the pack that best meets your needs for absorbency, size and price.

  • Basic perineal cold packs
    Basic perineal cold and warm packs are easy to activate and provide maximum patient comfort with minimal nursing intervention. They absorb up to 372g. The cold packs offer safer healing than ice.
  • Premium perineal cold packs
    Premium perineal cold packs offer comfort, convenience and security. The anatomically shaped pads can absorb up to 459g to reduce leakage and frequent changing. The packs activate easily and quickly reach a safe 33F for the clinically recommended duration.
  • Perineal ice bags
    Perineal ice bags use the natural and economical healing powers of water. The soft outer covering and leak-resisant inner layers of the ice bags make them comfortable and convenient for effective cold therapy.