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Healthcare facilities which treat a high number of patients without any or adequate insurance are confronted with the challenge of providing care without guarantee of payment. To assist you in charitable care initiatives, we have the expertise in navigating both 340B pricing eligibility and implementation. This, in combination with our toolkit to access manufacturer patient assistance programs, can reduce the cost of uncompensated care in your state.



Cardinal Health is committed to leadership in the 340B market space, and we demonstrate this commitment by providing our customers with a team of full-time, dedicated 340B implementation consultants. With years of experience in implementing 340B software solutions, this team provides Cardinal Health customers with the knowledge and expertise that ensures timely, effective implementation of 340B software. We currently have interfaces with the following software products:

  • Sentry
  • Talyst
  • Integrated informatics
  • eAudit
  • Wellpartner
  • CaptureRx
  • Rx Strategies
  • SunRx

Our 340B implementation team has worked with most of the established 340B solution providers, so chances are good that we already have processes in place to assist you with your solution of choice. We are 'vendor neutral' in respect to 340B solution providers, so Cardinal Health will work with whichever vendor best meets a customer’s needs.

Cardinal Health also recognizes that the 340B solution marketplace is constantly evolving, and that new solutions appear frequently. Because our goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we are excited to work with our customers to develop new processes around a 340B solution vendor with whom we may not have extensive prior experience.

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The Cardinal Health eRecovery Onsite service (subject to an additional fee) allows your facility to completely outsource the process of enrolling uninsured patients in manufacturers’ patient assistance programs, at no up-front cost and is designed to seamlessly integrate with each facility’s pharmacy and billing department processes. Cardinal Health provides the staff to manage all activities related to patient assistance program enrollment. The company also offers monthly, customized reports of pharmaceutical savings per facility.

By utilizing eRecovery Onsite, you can:

  • Maximize drug savings by ensuring all qualified patients are quickly and efficiently enrolled in pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs
  • Improve cash flow by recovering costs related to providing medications to uninsured patients
  • Provide quality, compassionate care to uninsured patients by helping them gain access to medications at little or no cost to them
  • Free up staff time by completely outsourcing all aspects of the enrollment process

Also available is eRecovery Online, which brings forms, requirements and instructions to your fingertips. eRecovery streamlines the application process and saves providers on prescription costs for uninsured patients. The program:

  • Automates form completion
  • Tracks prescription reorders
  • Provides value reports on recovered products