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Cardinal Health inventory management tools will simplify and streamline the tracking of your pharmaceutical supply. Set up automated stock replenishment, designate the amount of each item you want on the shelf and help reduce patient medication errors all from your computer.


Inventory Management (CIM)

Inventory Manager helps increase profitability by generating auto-replenishment orders aligned with pharmacy transactions and business objectives. Order quantities are set daily for each item to account for demand and seasonal changes.



This program helps pharmacists and buyers manage the number of pharmaceuticals on their shelves and helps prevent under and over-ordering. The Min/Max tool sets the minimum and maximum days you would like an item on the shelf, counts targeted products and downloads quantities on-hand on predetermined days. Once an order is placed, quantities for Min/Max products are adjusted to maintain the min/max levels.


Pharmacy Solutions

We develop and deliver pharmacy software solutions, consulting and management services for hospitals and health systems.

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