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Real-time reporting, enrollment and outcomes solutions with VITAL: Verification, Investigation and Treatment Applications Link
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Our customers need reimbursement experts who can create data solutions that are as unique as their products. Our proprietary online case submission and reporting system-VITAL (Verification, Investigation, and Treatment Applications Link) is a comprehensive reimbursement information management system. Our VITAL technology enables us to provide real-time reimbursement information, including case enrollment and dynamic market reporting.


Alleviate burden

Our access services team is uniquely qualified to provide innovative patient access solutions for new products. The combination of our comprehensive knowledge, extensive hands-on experience and industry-leading VITAL system gives us the power to accurately anticipate patient access and reimbursement issues and to educate manufacturers on common coding and billing challenges. Our expertise helps clients avoid potential product reimbursement obstacles. Insightful pre-launch and early market consultation can ensure a smoother entry into the marketplace and facilitate the early growth and ultimate success of a new product.

Optimize business functions

Working in conjunction with the Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions scientific and regulatory team, we also have a unique REMS web submission and reporting solution. This fully customizable solution incorporates a one stop solution for complete REMS physician and patient enrollment. All access / enrollment templates and reports are designed to fulfill mandated FDA REMS requirements and are monitored for accuracy via contract with the Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions Scientific and Regulatory Consulting group.

Partners on innovation

Over 100 program reports are available for review and customization. Real time role-based graphical dashboards are also available offering 24 hour access and data download. Virtually all data collected by the Specialty Solutions Access Services group can be reported in a manner appropriate for prescribers and in a HIPAA compliant/ data mitigated format to allow for an end-to-end review of patient, physician.