Specialty drugs are expensive, with annual costs ranging from $6,000 to more than $400,000.

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Facilitating patient access to care
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Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions Access Services
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Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions access services business offers a suite of seamless cost-effective solutions to support a patient, a healthcare professional and a products’ FDA-mandated Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies. We serve the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and specialty pharmaceutical segments.

We put our 20 years of medical billing and benefits verification experience, our insurance coverage limitations expertise, and our understanding of patient out-of-pocket expense to use in the creation and administration of customized patient support programs.

We are a leading provider of Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS) services integrating REMS operations with our large and experienced scientific and regulatory consulting business. Ours is a single cost effective solution for REMS regulatory design, registry and database management, REMS implementation, and REMS analysis.


Alleviate burden

Reimbursement Support
Our team performs thorough investigations of all insurance coverages to provide comprehensive support for each patient’s unique case. We look into payment options in both the medical and pharmacy benefit.

Patient Access Programs
Our team designs a cost effective solutions for a product's patient access program.

Optimize business functions

Our proprietary REMS solutions were designed to implement complex FDA requirements. Our REMS solutions can be customized to support functionality such as:

  • Healthcare professional, pharmacy and patient registries and data base management
  • Database management
  • Healthcare professional Training/Certification
  • Healthcare professional Reporting of ongoing patient treatment
  • REMS Assessments
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting
Partner on innovation

VITAL Web-based solutions

Real-time reporting, enrollment and outcomes solutions
Our proprietary online case submission and reporting system, VITAL (Verification, Investigation, and Treatment Applications Link), is a comprehensive reimbursement information management system. VITAL technology enables us to provide real-time reimbursement information, including case enrollment and market reporting.