Specialty drugs will account for the majority of new drug approvals in coming years, and they will consume approximately 40 percent of a health plan’s drug spending by 2020.

Access Services

Innovative reimbursement management services
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Our access services, offers comprehensive payor solutions to optimize business functions and alleviate burden. Our solutions can meet your business needs by providing support services to help manage the cost of care ranging from routine payor processes to disease management programs for patients.


Alleviate burden

Call center support
Our professional call center staff based out of Lisle, IL is available 24/ 7 to provide customized solutions for a payor:

  • Customer service live-answer
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Prior-authorization support

Care coordination and patient education

  • Coordination of nursing services
  • Patient, product, disease and treatment educations
  • Payor policy monitoring
Optimize business functions

Payor policy monitoring
Provider site visits

  • Office program education
  • Consultation


Reimbursement support
Our experienced staff understands reimbursement processes and can customize solutions to a payor's commercial, Medicare D, Medicare B or Medicaid population with the following:

  • Prior authorization assistance
  • Claims and appeals support