Spending on specialty drugs accounted for 16.3 percent of plan costs but was responsible for a remarkable 70.1 percent of drug trend


Payor solutions from Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
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Specialty healthcare expenditure is the fastest-growing segment for payors and by 2020, specialty drug spend will account for 40 percent of total healthplan drug costs. Our team of specialty healthcare professionals and technology experts design business solutions to manage a payor’s medical and pharmacy expenditures.  We offer proactive, innovative and technology solutions to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of caring for patients with complex diseases.

Clinical Pathways
We partner with physicians and payors to leverage evidence-based treatment protocols that are designed to promote the delivery of more cost-effective care and better patient outcomes.
Specialty Pharmacy
Containing your specialty spend: Help patients start and stay on therapy.
Access Services
Our Access Services provides solutions for payors to manage their cost of care from routine payor processes to disease management programs.
Our experts deliver advanced technology solutions that result in cost-saving process improvements for our customers.