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Regimen Analyzer

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Want the ability to quickly assess the financial impact of treatment decisions?  Even be able to do so specifically down to the regimen and the drug?  How about being able to communicate financial information to your patients? 

Regimen Analyzer is the solution.

Regimen Analyzer is a web-based tool that provides oncologists with immediate insight into the financial impact of chemotherapy drugs and regimen.

Regimen Analyzer takes patient information and quickly calculates the financial impact of treatment decisions for specific regimens and drugs. Detailed financial information for both payor and patient is provided.

Regimen Analyzer offers:

  • Current financial information (drug price, payor contracts), organized by regimen or by drug
  • Easy-to-read statements that can be used to facilitate financial counseling with patients
  • Regimens comparison for similar disease states and indications
  • Rapid assessment of profit/loss by chemotherapy regimen by payor

Regimen Analyzer is available for all VitalSource™ GPO members.