Specialty drugs are expensive, with annual costs ranging from $6,000 to more than $400,000

Distribution and fractionated blood products and specialty therapeutics

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Specialty Pharmaceutical Ordering

Two easy and convenient ways to place specialty pharmaceutical orders

  1. Online: cardinalhealth.com/specialtyonline
  2. Phone:
  • Acute Care Sales, 866.476.1340
  • Acute Care Customer Service, 855.855.0708


Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution, a business of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, is a national distributor of life-saving specialty therapeutics and fractionated blood products. We understand the complexities of specialty pharmaceutical market, and work hard to meet your individual facility needs.

You can trust our supply chain integrity, because we purchase only from the source, maintain strict lot control procedures and ship all products direct to our end-user customers.

Our customers include hospitals, physicians and home-care providers. We partner with some of the nation’s largest group purchasing groups (GPO). We manage GPO allocation databases and have proven GPO-related systems and technologies in place to handle the specialized needs of GPO customers.

Products include:


Specialty product consignment program
Take the guesswork out of knowing what products your facility has on-hand. We will partner with you to develop a customized program to help you manage your inventory levels and payment terms.

  • Worry less about expired medications.
  • Product is only invoiced when inventory is reconciled.
  • No inventory carrying costs.
  • Product is sourced directly from the pharmaceutical company.
  • Next business day replenishment.