American families continue to spend more on specialty healthcare ? 37 percent increase in the last three years.

Specialty Pharmacy

Cost-effective drug delivery for your patients
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The Specialty Pharmacy business of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions focuses on the delivery of specialty pharmaceuticals and in assisting health care professionals by providing programs that improve patient care and economic outcomes. We are experienced in the delivery, monitoring and reimbursement of specialty products for the community-based physician practice, and patients while working with payors.

Our Centers of Excellence programs are geared toward healthcare professionals and patients in oncology, rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology, Hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis. With more than 55 years of collective experience in the specialty pharmacy space, our team has the expertise to build customized programs to meet the needs of a patient.


Specialty therapeutic areas supported include:


Alleviate burden

Clinical protocol support
Specialty Pharmacy supports physicians, payors and patients with clinical protocols to assure high quality and cost of care.

Dispensing services
We are focused on dispensing products to patients with unique needs.

Benefits investigation
We conduct thorough searches and explore payment options for medical and pharmacy services on behalf of our customers.

Optimize business functions

Patient advocacy services

  • Reimbursement assistance/insurance counseling
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Educational resources/side effects management
  • Chronic disease coordination
  • Personal outreach to help patients with adherence, compliance with drugs and dosing
  • Express delivery to physician, patient or caregiver

Patient compliance monitoring

  • Proactive calls to patients and physicians are designed to assure adherence to prescribed therapies and appropriate dosing.
  • Refill reminder outreach calls are a part of monthly patient evaluations.
  • Training and/or educational resources for non-compliant patients.
  • With our Access Services business offerings, we offer additional services that address barriers to drug and product accessibility, reimbursements and adherence to care regimens.
Partner on innovation
  • We have the technology and resources to follow a patient every stage of the prescription dispensing process.
  • We maintain a 99.82 percent prescription dispensing accuracy.