By 2012, specialty drug sales in the U.S. are expected to increase to more than 10 percent total prescription sales volume - up from 3 percent in 2007

Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution

Delivering oncology, rheumatology, urology, fractionated blood products and other specialty pharmaceuticals
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Specialty Pharmaceutical Ordering

Two easy and convenient ways to place specialty pharmaceutical orders

  1. Online:
  2. Phone:

Customer Service

  • Oncology:  877.453.3972
  • All other:  855.855.0708

Product Ordering:

  • Acute Care:  866.677.4844
  • Oncology:  855.740.1871
  • Rheumatology:  855.740.1865
  • Urology:  866.300.3838

Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution is
a leading national distributor of fractionated blood products, oncology, rheumatology, urology and other specialty pharmaceuticals to community-based physicians, hospitals, clinics and home healthcare providers. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of specialty pharmaceuticals at competitive pricing.

At Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution, the needs of the patient come first. As our valued customer, you will be assigned a dedicated, single-point-of-contact who will walk you through every phase of the product ordering process: product selection, ordering, shipping, tracking, reporting and invoicing.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of specialty pharmaceuticals at competitive pricing.


Alleviate burden

Easy account set up
Our streamlined account setup process is designed to be fast and convenient. To set up an account please call 877.453.3972.


Exceptional customer service with product expertise
Tenured sales force and customer service team with in-depth product knowledge and expertise

Optimize business functions

Accurate and on time deliveries
We understand the value to your practice of prompt, accurate delivery of specialty products and fractionated blood products. That is why we are dedicated to helping you save and improve lives by delivering life-enhancing products quickly and efficiently.

Accurate, on-time delivery

  • 99.98 percent accuracy
  • 99.79 percent fill rate
  • 99.84 percent on-time shipping

Orders placed by 6 p.m., central, Monday-Friday will be shipped and delivered to your facility next day. We also offer flexible shipping options if your facility calls for it, including same-day delivery.


Supply chain integrity
You can trust our supply chain integrity, because we purchase only from pharmaceutical manufacturers, maintain strict lot-control procedures and ship all products direct to our end-user customers.


All drug classifications under all conditions
Equipped to handle pharmaceuticals of all classifications.