Manufacturer clinical support contact list

Cardinal Health is a nationwide Authorized Distributor of key specialty pharmaceuticals and plasma-derived products, including albumin, hemophilia factors, IVIG products, hyperimmunes and injectable vaccines, for these major manufacturers.


For comprehensive clinical support, please contact the manufacturer at the number listed below.

Baxter Bioscience 866.424.6724
Bayer Biologicals, Inc. 800.288.8371
CSL Behring, Inc. 800.504.5434
CSL Biotherapies 888.435.8633
Grifols Biologicals, Inc. 323.441.7917
Merck Vaccines (Varivax) 800.677.6372
Merck Vaccines (Zostavax) 800.622.4477
NABI Biopharmaceuticals 301.255.6919
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals 800.727.6500
Sanofi.Pasteur 800.822.2463
Talecris Biotherapeutics 800.520.2807
Wyeth.Ayerst 888.440.8100