Returned Goods Policy

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Contact us online or at 866.677.4844.

Before any product can be returned to Cardinal Health, authorization must obtained by contacting Customer Service at 866.677.4844, and an Ongoing Assurance form must be completed and returned, verifying that all returned merchandise has been kept under proper conditions for storage, handling and shipping.


General policy

Certain products with a high degree of risk for counterfeiting or a known history of diversion have been classified as non-returnable, and are marked accordingly in the product listings. Other products in "merchantable condition" (as defined below) may generally be returned to the Cardinal Health facility from which the products were originally purchased if the return is made within the timeframes and subject to the terms and conditions described below:

"Merchantable condition" will be determined by Cardinal Health based upon its ability to return the item to its inventory for resale in the normal course of its business without special preparation, testing, handling or expense and will exclude the following:

  1. Any item which has been used, opened, is only partially complete, or is without all original packaging, labeling, inserts or operating manuals.
  2. Short-dated (less than 90 days shelf life), outdated or seasonal product.
  3. Product that is stickered, marked, damaged, defaced or otherwise cannot readily be resold by Cardinal Health for any reason.
  4. Any item purchased on a "special order" basis, including non-stock orders and drop shipments.
  5. Any sterile or refrigerated merchandise, unless Cardinal Health is specially assured that such merchandise was properly stored and protected at all times and such merchandise is returned separately in a package marked as such and accompanied by a signed Ongoing Assurance Form and a separate credit request form.
  6. Any low-stability product which is usually sensitive to temperature and handling conditions.
  7. Any product not intended for return to a wholesaler in accordance with the return policies of the applicable manufacturer.
  8. Narcotics and other controlled substances are non-returnable.


Unmerchantable product

Any item not eligible for return in accordance with Cardinal Health's General Policy will not be accepted for return without special written authorization and will generally require return directly to the manufacturer. If Cardinal Health does participate in the return process for any product not in "merchantable condition," any return credit to the customer will be based upon the actual credit issued by the manufacturer and will be subject to a minimum 25 percent (of credit amount from manufacturer) handling charge.


Shorts and damaged merchandise

Claims of order shortages (e.g., invoiced but not received) and damage must be reported within two (2) business days of receipt of goods. Controlled substance claims must be reported immediately per DEA requirements. Pricing and other errors/mistakes must be reported within 10 business days from the invoice date.


Required return procedures

A fully completed Cardinal Health Credit Request Form (the "Return Form") must accompany all merchandise to be returned. Each Return Form must include the following information:

  1. Customer name, address and account number (as it appears on the invoice);
  2. Name and address of the Cardinal Health facility to which the return is made;
  3. "Ship to" address if different than "bill to" address;
  4. Cardinal Health invoice/order number and date;
  5. Product item number, quantity, form/size, description, lot number, serial number and expiration date;
    (Note: A copy of the Cardinal Health invoice and packing slip will provide this information.)
  6. Purchase order number, if applicable;
  7. Reason for return; and
  8. The date of the return.

Returned merchandise must be placed in a proper shipping container and, for merchandise valued at more than $250.00, signed for by the carrier/driver when the product is picked up. Cardinal Health will arrange for pick up of product, freight paid, for all items shipped in error. All items ordered in error by the customer must be returned freight prepaid. All Return Forms will be reviewed by Cardinal Health for compliance with its Returned Goods Policy. The acceptability, valuation, and acceptance of any return is at the sole discretion of Cardinal Health and/or the manufacturer. Any credit or similar offsets may be taken only as previously approved by Cardinal Health (as evidenced by the issuance of a valid credit memo), and may not be otherwise taken or deducted by the customer.


For returned goods authorization, please call Customer Service at 866.677.4844.