Junior partnership opportunities

Taking the next step to independent pharmacy ownership

Pharmacy Transition team

Pharmacy Transition team

Complete this form to be contacted by our Pharmacy Transition team to discuss options for purchasing pharmacy or expanding your current operation.

Don't have the capital for a traditional pharmacy purchase? Consider a junior partnership!

Buyer benefits:

  • Become an owner with little or no upfront cost
  • Earn equity over time in exchange for lower compensation
  • Enjoy full management responsibilities
  • Gain quicker ownership through incentives for driving profitability
  • Learn the business and build customer relationships
  • Evaluate the pharmacy during the first year. If it isn't as promoted, you're protected.

Seller benefits:

  • Continue the legacy of the pharmacy in the community
  • Ensure that customers will continue to receive exemplary care and service
  • Receive a fair market price for your pharmacy
  • Receive up to 30 percent more cash during the transition period
  • Receive a percentage of the profits during the transition period
  • Earn income tax benefits with proper junior partnership structuring
  • Evaluate the junior partner during the first year. If they aren't the right fit, you're protected.