Automation Optimization Service

Our services improve the utilization and return on investment (ROI) of automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs), reduce time spent managing ADCs, ensure nursing has controlled access to authorized doses, track inventory and provide safety, cost, efficiency and regulatory compliance benefits. 

Our services use our proprietary, web-based monitoring system which identifies opportunities to improve the safety and quality of ADCs.  We provide consulting and project work; ongoing, supplemental support services, and subscription access to our web-based monitoring system.  


About our experts

Our experts manage medication logistics for over $1 billion in annual drug purchases, and we maintain a full-time staff dedicated to researching and developing best practice strategies to support automation logistics management.


How can we help?

We provide assessments, project work, and ongoing supplemental support services to rapidly identify and, if needed, implement and maintain improvements in automation dispensing systems.  In addition, access to our proprietary, web-based Automation Management Analytics is available through an affordable subscription service.  Please contact us today to learn how our industry-leading experts can help your hospital.