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Bedside Discharge Prescriptions Improves Patient Care

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A hospital’s outpatient pharmacy is the cornerstone of Population Health Management, allowing the hospital to provide a continuum of patient care that goes well beyond discharge. A hospital-owned retail pharmacy will impact readmission rates, patient outcomes, and employee satisfaction while assisting the hospital in gaining financial success. A well run hospital-owned retail pharmacy is a strategic asset for the hospital.

Cardinal Health’s services are designed to increase outpatient prescription income, reduce employee drug benefit costs, and improve both operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. From business development analysis to full service pharmacy management and everything in between, Cardinal Health works closely with your hospital-owned retail pharmacy to achieve your patient care and financial goals.


Our suite of services include:

  • Business performance analysis: Includes pro-forma projections and feasibility studies for new pharmacies and performance assessments for existing ones.
  • New pharmacy opening services: Provides expertise and guidance for store layout, merchandising, automation and workflow, as well as coordination of licensing requirements and recommendations for salaries and purchasing processes.
  • Hospital-owned retail pharmacy management: Provides day-to-day pharmacy leadership and/or pharmacy staff, including customized policies and procedures, staff training and education, assistance with 340B enrollment and implementation of indigent care programs, customized marketing programs, and coordination of technology upgrades.
  • Concierge Bedside Discharge Program: Medication reconciliation and patient consultation at discharge are instrumental to increasing a patient’s adherence to comply with prescription instructions, thus assisting in the reduction of 30-day readmissions. We provide end-to-end pharmacy leadership and/or staff to fully design and implement a Concierge Bedside Discharge Program to meet the needs of you and your patients.
  • Project implementation: Programs support existing staff with the successful completion of projects that require extra resources or special knowledge and skills, including developing customized marketing programs, implementing Own Use criteria for employee drug benefit programs, assisting with 340B enrollment or implement indigent care programs, and coordinating technology upgrades.


About our experts

Our hospital-owned retail pharmacy experts are dedicated to researching and developing best practice strategies to support outpatient operations and logistics, and have extensive knowledge in apothecary pharmacy models.


How can we help?

Whether you need onsite or offsite support, full-time or part-time, we can tailor our services to meet your needs, ensuring that your hospital brand is leveraged, and that the hospital owns the outpatient pharmacy and retains the profits.  Please contact us today to learn how our industry-leading experts can help your hospital.