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Our off-site support service helps pharmacies identify cost savings opportunities in obtaining maximum value from their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts. Our experts analyze opportunities for you, so you have a quick path to action to realize results. By doing so, we help our clients achieve average cost savings of 50 to 90 basis points. 

Our services include both decision support as well as audit and recovery services, such as:

Decision support services: 

  • Tier Maximization: analysis of pharmaceutical contract and purchase data to identify savings that can be achieved by maintaining or improving tier status under performance-based programs offered through the purchasing contract
  • Contract Modeling: an evaluation of performance-based programs that utilize similar market baskets or therapeutic groups to determine potential savings opportunities
  • Opportunity Buying: a review of purchase history, contract pricing and vendor terms to identify if opportunities exist to purchase lower-cost contract alternatives
  • Investment Buying: an assessment of the impact of impending price increases on customer purchase patterns


Audit and recovery services: 

  • Invoice Price Verification: Confirm receipt of contracted prices (GPO & direct contracts), validate contract attachment with vendor and recoup dollars owed through credit/rebill process
  • Tier Audit: Evaluate market share tier placement for accuracy; confirm with vendor and recoup dollars owed as appropriate
  • Failure to Supply: Recoup dollars owed because contracted vendor could not supply drug and higher-priced item was purchased as a result


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We maintain a dedicated staff with extensive purchasing and analytics experience, who serve over 500 customers each day.


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We provide off-site, supplemental support services to help customers maximize the value of their GPO contracts.  Please contact us today to learn how our industry-leading experts can help your hospital.