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Molecular imaging uses some of the most advanced imaging technologies available today.  

Physicians have the capability to visualize images of various biological processes in anatomical, structural, and molecular depictions.  In oncology, these images provide valuable information in the assessment and extent of disease.    

As a result, physicians can make more informed decisions for patient management through detection, diagnosis and prognosis, staging (extent and location), assessing therapeutic targets, monitoring therapy and evaluating response to therapy (Clinical Applications). 

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Brain cancer Tumorous cell growth that originates within the brain or spreads from the brain to other parts of the body
Breast cancer Atypical cell growth within the milk ducts or lobules
Colorectal cancer An occurrence of unrestrained, irregular cells that grow in the large intestines
Endocrine cancers Unusual development of cells within the endocrine system (i.e. thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands)
Gastrointestinal cancers Development of tumorous cells along the gastrointestinal lining; including colon and rectal (i.e. colorectal)
Genital cancers, female Origination of cancer located within the reproductive systems
Female- includes ovarian, uterine and cervical
Genital cancers, male Origination of cancer located within the reproductive systems
Male- includes prostate and testicular
Head and neck cancer Cancer cell production in the head and neck regions including the mouth, nose, lips, tongue, gums, sinuses, nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx
Lung cancer Abnormal cell growth in the lungs and can often spread to the bones and other parts of the body
Lymphoma cancer Cancer that generates in the lymphatic system
Melanoma cancer Cancer that originates in the melanocytes or pigmented cells
Myeloma cancer Cancer that originates when  plasma cells that normally help to fight infection, grow abnormally in the bone marrow and form tumors in the areas of solid bone
Skeletal cancer Cancer cell production in the bone or metastasized to the bone
Urinary cancers Cancer that occurs in the kidneys or inner lining of the urinary bladder.