Diversion along the supply chain

Fight prescription drug abuse

In March 2011, Cardinal Health participated in a special section of The Washington Post titled, Medication Non-Adherence: Fixing America’s Other Drug Problem. Read more about the role Cardinal Health has in the fight against prescription drug abuse and what organizations are doing to address the issue of medication adherence.

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Any time a prescription is not where it's supposed to be, it is called "diversion".

Prescription drug diversion is a societal problem that needs to be addressed by a societal solution involving all participants in the prescription drug supply chain - from manufacturer to patient - with the collaboration and cooperation of regulatory bodies on the state and federal levels.

As a leader in the pharmaceutical distribution industry, Cardinal Health is committed to doing our part to ensure the integrity of the supply chain. Given the rising problem diversion and abuse of prescription drugs, securing the supply chain for prescription drugs is a particular priority.  

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To find out more about diversion, visit:

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) diversion web page DEA prescription drug fact sheet RxDiversion - Pharmaceutical Diversion Education website 
Balance, Uniformity and Fairness: Effective Strategies for Law Enforcement for Investigating and Prosecuting the Diversion of Prescription Pain Medications While Protecting Appropriate Medical Practice - Center for Practical Bioethics Policy Brief
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Where Cardinal Health helps fight diversion and abuse
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