Suspicious Order Monitoring

Cardinal Health's Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) program marries high-tech with high-touch to monitor all controlled substance orders placed by our customers

Three main components:

  • The "Know Your Customer" program
    Our Know Your Customer program starts with a questionnaire that gives us a baseline assessment, including customer order history and public database verification. It continues with the on-going involvement of our sales force. Through routine customer site visits and periodic highlight reports to track customer-specific growth relative to industry growth, our Cardinal Health employees are well-positioned to notice any "red flags" of potential diversion and respond accordingly.
  • Electronic order monitoring
    Electronic order monitoring is an enhanced "first-step" system that monitors controlled substance orders before they ever go through to a distribution center for fulfillment. Under this program, customers are assigned a monthly threshold for each family of controlled substances. If an order is placed that exceeds the threshold, that order is flagged and held for review by our Quality and Regulatory Affairs (QRA) department.
  • Investigation
    Our monitoring program also includes an investigation component.  When circumstances warrant Cardinal Health sends trained investigators to visit pharmacy customers to gather information about the customer's handling of controlled substances.