eRecovery Onsite

In 2011, eRecovery Onsite saved participating hospitals more than $32 million on pharmaceutical costs.

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Chelsea Fuller
eRecovery Marketing Manager

Steve Strayer
eRecovery Operations Manager

The eRecovery Onsite program provides highly skilled consultants and computer software to its partnering healthcare facilities. This program will provide you the ability to focus on patient care and pharmacy operations, while we work to recover drugs dispensed to PAP qualified patients.

To learn how eRecovery Onsite will benefit your hospital's drug expenditures, contact your local Cardinal Health Sales Representative.

  • $31M in medications and devices recovered annually
  • 40,000 patient claims processed
  • 164 locations served
  • No upfront expense to customers


Hear what our customers are saying

Hear what our customers are saying

“This is one of the most successful collaborations we've ever had...”
Cindi Roehr, Associate Administrator
Professional and Support Services
University Medical Center

“The eRecovery™ program starts with strong manufacturer relationships — and a commitment to capitalize on and prioritize opportunities...”
Dustin Reed, Director of Program Management
Pharmacy Distribution
Acute Care Cardinal Health

“If it weren't for eRecovery™ assisting patients with access to PAPs, we couldn't treat many Hepatitis C patients...”
Dr. Kevin D. Prince
UMC Wellness Center

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