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Introducing HealthCare Solutions

Via our HealthCare Solutions division we offer provider-direct contracted reimbursement solutions for medical billing and claims processing. We can take the burden of complicated billing and claims off healthcare providers, allowing the provider to shift attention and resources on patient care.

The increasing complexity of reimburse makes management of accounts receivable a time-consuming process. Complicated claims and billing processes can tie up important resources at all levels of the healthcare reimbursement system, often reducing efficiency and increasing costs.

HealthCare Solutions offers comprehensive billing, collections, accounts receivable analysis and complete claims processing assistance. We also offer per-project services for collections, select payers and payer mix evaluation. Our customized billing service packages can significantly reduce the burden on physicians, healthcare providers, pharmacies and manufacturers.

With more than 20 years of experience in reimbursement services and specialty pharmaceutical medical billing for complex cases, we provide unsurpassed support and expertise to manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients. All services can be integrated or offered via a modular contract to engage providers in any aspect of an outsourced medical billing or accounts receivable management program.